Project presentation:
Advancing Digital Art Performance Techniques

A.D.A.P.T. is an experimental cultural project connecting digital art practices and technology-oriented body-centred performances. The consortium brings together recognised experts and emerging young artists to work together with a high level of artistic excellence in the cutting-edge fields of staging robots, developing automated virtual characters, connecting real and virtual stages, and delivering innovative performances with telematic elements.

In this specifically setup cooperation project the main objective is to advance digital art performance techniques through a trans-European series of structured research engines, creation processes and publically visible performances which would all challenge the state-of-the-art in digital performance practices. The goal is to encourage methodological innovations in performance art and to deliver concrete examples of best practices together with detailed technical descriptions and reflections that would allow both audiences and emerging creators better grasp digital art performance techniques.
About the project:
The world of Performing Arts is undergoing a profound change stemming from the evolution of contemporary society, technology and new media culture. Especially, the Internet, shared virtual spaces and intelligent virtual entities, offer new possibilities for artistic expression, interactive participation and cultural innovation. New cultural paradigm and advanced technologies have enabled individuals as well as collectives to explore some of very radical relationships between body, presence, self, perception, and identity of artistic performances.

Artists can now combine real objects with digital fantasy worlds directly on-stage, where live actors can interact with their computer generated partners and communicate with remote agents via networks. This robotic setting offers to audience completely new kind of experience, mixing the classical mixed-reality with interactive experimental techniques. The A.D.A.P.T. project aims to bring together interdisciplinary researchers from the areas of augmented and virtual reality technologies, human computer interaction, AI, as well as psychologists, authors, performers, set designers, visual artists and other people with a strong vision of what mixed-reality within virtual environments should sound like.

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Adapt Past Events

Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009

Research and creation activities 17-23 October 2009 - session Prague.

Source performances – initial set-up open for contextualization
Thinking engines – process-oriented knowledge and skills exchanges
Creation processes – large-scale output-oriented workshops
Renewed performances – re-staging source performances in a critical loop

The workshop schedule was divided in two parts in order to discuss main administrative issues and the other part was focused on the creative process. The two location for meetings and creative process where located in the same building so it wasn’t hard to switch from one to another. The workshop started with a presentation of new partner in the project, Transcultures. Philippe Franck is the director and presented the main activities included festivals, exhibitions, they are active since 1996, electronic & sound art projects, organized international art festivals (mainly City Sonics, annual sound art festival in Mons since 2003 and Les Transnumériques, electronic arts and cultures biennale in Brussels, Mons, Lille, Paris since 2005. They are planning a new session of bains numeriques for 11-19 June 2010 Pierre Proske current ciant resident made a presentation of his latest works, more can be seen on his website

People present for the creative process & meetings :

- Pavel Smetana – General coordination.
- Pavel Sedlak – General coordination.
- Michal Masa - motion capture techniques.
- Stephane Kyles - Interactive 3d & Video.
- Philippe Franck – General coordination.
- Louis Bec – zoosystemicien.
- Pierre Proske - Interactive Sound design.
- Franscisco Camacho - choreography.
- Paula Caruço - General Coordination
- Joao Manuel de Oliveira – Dramaturgy.
- Mariana Tengner Barros – Dance.
- Tiago Cadete – Dance.
- Kotomi Nishiwaki – Dance.
- Darie Alexandru Budeanu- 3D design.
- Adriana Zaharia – Creative concept.
- Arina Raileanu - Management, communication, documentation.
- Vera Batozska - Photography.
- David Travnicek – Technical director.
- Christophe Saidi – Video.

Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009Workshop Prague 17-23 October 2009